For Homeschoolers and Independent Learners, Mount Bell Academy provides support and multiple learning opportunities that are specifically geared to students who do not attend traditional school.

 Hybrid Homeschooling & À La Carte Classes

Students can choose a number of options for learning either independently or within a small group.  Mount Bell’s classes are limited to a max of 8 students. This lets us provide a truly individualized and differentiated education with lots of support and attention.

We allow our students to mix and match the type of classes and learning environments that works best for them and their schedules including any amalgamation of the following: independent study, small group and private lessons, à la carte courses, full-time or part-time enrollment, dual enrollment (taking courses at colleges), summer school, on-line learning and more.

With our block scheduling, many classes typically meet only twice or three times per week, giving our hybrid homeschooled students the time and freedom to attend other activities elsewhere or at home. Students may also choose to sign-up for special activities and enrichment courses such as SAT Test Prep or student clubs, which typically meet only once a week. In addition, the à la carte option allows students to choose which class and how many classes they plan to attend each semester. Our school has options for full-time, part-time and single class tuition payments, which affords a family great flexibility in matching their needs.

Private Lessons for Homeschool Groups

We provide specialized courses just for homeschool groups (of four students or more) grades 6-12. Homeschool groups can choose courses from our catalog or work with our teaching staff to design a course to their own specifications. For more examples of the courses we offer, please see our Course Catalog, or Click here to contact us with your questions.

 High School Diploma for Homeschoolers

Local homeschooled students who attend Mount Bell Academy classes (whether full-time, part-time, in a private group or online), can transfer qualifying homeschool credits towards their Mount Bell Academy transcript. Parents can work with an admissions advisor to see which homeschool credits qualify towards graduation requirements, determine the additional courses needed for graduation, plot out a time line for graduation and create a program plan for graduation. Once the program has concluded and graduation requirements are met, these students can obtain a completed high school transcript and graduate with their high school diploma.

Flexible Scheduling

Flexible scheduling and course modifications are particularly useful to students who are homeschooled, who have busy schedules, who participate in competitions and competitive sports, who have specific learning needs, or who have medical or personal reasons for not attending the regularly scheduled school day.

  • Students can choose part-time enrollment or full-time enrollment.
  • Students can pick and choose the number of courses they desire to enroll in.
  • Students can pick and choose which courses they wish to enroll in.
  • On a case-by-case basis, we can modify and tailor curriculum, due dates and education plans to the needs of the student.

Online Learning

There are two ways students may participate in online learning for high school or middle school credit:

– At home by using the resources provided by our online program affiliates. These students will also have scheduled check-in meetings with Mount Bell Academy’s independent study counseling staff.
– At our school site. These students work independently in our school’s computer lab during a specified scheduled lesson time. A staff member will be present for monitoring and general assistance. These students will also have scheduled check-in meetings with our independent study counseling staff.

Dual Enrollment

Students who wish to attend college and receive both high school and college credit for the same course can apply to our Dual Enrollment program (local colleges often classify this as Concurrent Enrollment). See our Dual Enrollment page for more information or Click here.

P.E. Credit for Competitive Sports Participants

Students who are part of a competitive sports program inside or outside of school can use the hours they spend training and competing towards their PE graduation requirements at Mount Bell Academy.

Summer Learning Opportunities

We provide summer learning opportunities, summer camps and credit-courses during the summer months for grades 6-12. Please check our website regularly during the spring months for summer program updates and application form.

Please contact us for more information