When a school empowers its students, the result is an invested and responsible student body.

In addition to the community service program, students are also engaged in our Enrichment Program where students can choose from an array of extra-curricular clubs and organizations geared at helping students develop their skills and achieve personal goals. These groups meet weekly on-campus during school hours. We have set aside specific time throughout the week where all students are expected to be engaged. Instead of having these activities solely after-school or at lunch, we have made them a part of our regular school schedule because we believe every student should have the opportunity and ability to participate. Our Enrichment Program include activities like: Yearbook, Model United Nations, Math Olympiad, Debate, Specialty Interest Clubs, and more.

There are many additional avenues at Mount Bell by which passionate students can create, lead and take ownership of their own education. We encourage students to develop and facilitate new groups, clubs and organizations. In the past students have initiated fundraising and charitable projects, run community service projects of their own making, planned and executed art installations, founded clubs, organized school social activities and dances, hosted a dialogue about a topic of interest, and even helped to develop, propose and garner interest about new courses.


Self Enrichment at Mount Bell