takm birliktelii ve baar keyfiMount Bell Academy’s Leadership Program works in conjunction with our Enrichment Program and includes opportunities for students to develop, initiate, run and participate in various leadership activities such as:

  • Student Government / Student Council
  • Student and Peer Mentorship
  • Teacher’s Aide
  • Competitive Sports Team Leader
  • Club President
  • School Project Organizer
  • Student Ambassador

There is an application form and process to become a participant in the Leadership Program. Students must also demonstrate maturity, integrity, willingness to serve, and a love for Mount Bell Academy.

Student Ambassadors

Through the Leadership Program students have the opportunity to also become Student Ambassadors. Student Ambassadors are integral for developing Mount Bell Academy’s nurturing and welcoming environment. Leadership students can apply to become student Ambassadors who work with the Admissions Team and the International School to help integrate new and visiting students into the Mount Bell family.

By being student Ambassadors through the Leadership program, students are able to accomplish each of the Mount Bell Academy’s School-Wide Learning Goals.

Student Ambassadors Are Expected to:

Show hospitality and empathy to students who are new to our school or whom are visiting from over seas by:

  • Hosting prospective/new students in their classes and for lunch.
  • Allowing prospective students to shadow them.
  • Guiding new students to their classes and around campus.
  • Introducing the prospective/new student to other students and including them
    in activities and clubs.

Hone their writing, public speaking and public relations skills by sharing their Mount Bell Academy experiences.
  • Through media and on Mount Bell Academy’s website.
  • By meeting with prospective parents and answering their questions about Mount Bell Academy.
  • By participating in and being student Ambassadors during public events such as Back to School Night and Open House.