Mount Bell Academy students have the opportunity to join one of our specialty sports teams and gain the opportunity to compete at the junior, state and even national level.

Mount Bell Academy’s Golf Program welcomes both novice (new) and experienced golfers but expects the golf team members to be able and willing to commit to rigorously scheduled practices and training.

Our team is for SERIOUS golfers whether brand new to the sport or highly experienced.As long as you are committed, you are welcome!

We offer special support to our Competitive Sports Members:

  • We allow for flexible scheduling and distance learning for those students who are on a tight competition schedule.
  • Our school administration has had extensive experience in helping students sign up for tournaments and apply for acceptance in sports associations such as the NCGA and AJGA. Joining these prestigious associations can be daunting to the untrained; we have the expertise and experience to help.


Our students practice golf and advance their skills at Deep Cliff Golf Course!

golf2Mount Bell Academy’s Golf Program has partnered with Deep Cliff golf course, which is an excellent facility for all levels of golfers. It holds a reputation for its beautiful landscaping and for providing skilled and experienced teaching professionals who have taken many golfers and golf teams to numerous championship wins.

Deep Cliff golf course, designed by renowned golf course designer and landscape architect Clark Glasson, offers an 18 hole, par 60, executive course that is delightfully laid out for both novice and professional golfers. Merging aesthetics with playability, the course is both challenging and enjoyable.  Glasson has created a wonderland of strategically sound course features that blend with the surrounding natural beauty of the Cupertino Foothills in which Deep Cliff is nestled.  This environmentally aware facility is fully certified as a Cooperative Sanctuary by Audubon International. It has also received numerous awards and recognitions from golf magazines and esteemed organizations like the National Golf Foundation.

Deep Cliff’s teaching professionals include Junior Golf Specialists and coaches with championship winning track records.  They have a great reputation for being friendly, professional and effective. They are known to take the time to create lesson programs to meet the individual needs of each student and advance their game to the next level.

Mount Bell Academy’s Golf Team is pleased to be in association with such a wonderful facility!

We encourage all our student golfers (whether an avid golfer or a novice) to sign up for our Team and take the opportunity to learn, grow and develop skills with us at Deep Cliff Golf Course!