High school students who wish to take advanced placement or college level courses that are not offered at Mount Bell Academy, can apply to the Dual Enrollment Program.

This program allows students enrolled at Mount Bell Academy to:

  • take high school level courses not offered at Mount Bell Academy but offered at certain colleges and receive credit towards high school graduation from Mount Bell Academy for these courses.
  • take college level courses, which can grant the student both high school and college credit for the same course.

The program is usually only open to qualifying high school Juniors and Seniors.

Steps towards Dual Enrollment:
1) Choose a course you are interested in taking

  • Your course might be for high school credit only, might be an AP course, or might be a college level course that grants you both high school and college credit.
  • However, it must be a course NOT offered at Mount Bell Academy.

2) Choose a college that offers this course as well as allows for concurrent or dual enrollment.
3) Fill out Mount Bell Academy’s Dual Enrollment Program Application form.
4) Receive approval from the Administration to take the chosen course(s) at your chosen college.
5) Apply to the college’s dual enrollment program (often called Concurrent Enrollment)
6) Inform Mount Bell Academy administration that you have been accepted into the dual or concurrent enrollment program at your chosen college (Bring to the administration your acceptance letter).
7) Make sure all official transcripts are sent from your college to the administration to receive proper credit for the courses you’ve completed at that college.
Below is a list of nearby colleges that offer Concurrent Enrollment/Dual Enrollment. Please check their websites for requirements, instructions for admission and application forms: