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July 1 – Aug 12 | Ages 9 – 17

– Computer coding
– Robotics
– Different projects each week
– S.T.E.M focused
– ESL classes
– Traditional summer camp fun
– Exciting fieldtrips
– Social opportunities with local English speaking students
– Vegetarian food options
– Weekly BBQ and bonfire (with toasted marshmallows!)
– Students can attend as many of the five weeks as they wish

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Coding Camp Overview for Visiting Students

Mount Bell Academy is offering a computer coding and ESL camp this summer for international students. Visiting students can participate in the sleep-away option of this camp, which blends the learning aspects of computer coding alongside the fun social aspects of traditional summer camp. Each week of camp will be unique with a different focus and project so students can attend multiple weeks and learn new skill sets and enjoy different experiences; however, students do not have to attend all the weeks if they do not wish.

The focus of this camp is to teach students computer programming skills and coding. For International students, an additional emphasis will be on English language development; therefore, international students will participate in the computer programming aspect of camp as well as take ESL classes. The ESL portion of camp consists of two daily courses in English Language Development. One course is called S.T.E.M Fundamentals and is geared toward teaching international students to read, write and converse in English about science, technology and current events. The additional ESL course will focus on improving over-all basic and fundamental English skills for academics and practical purposes such as improving grammar, vocabulary, writing, reading, pronunciation and fluency.

This camp experience also provides co-educational and social opportunities between our local and international school students. This encourages a cultural exchange that allows students to better learn, grow and benefit from their time in America. Also, because students will be immersed in classes and experiences alongside local English speaking students, their conversational fluency should improve dramatically.

An integral part of this camp experience is about enjoying California’s beautiful weather and scenery. Every week we take our students on a fieldtrip where they can get to know more about the surrounding area, its landmarks, history, culture and all the amazing things the Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay Area offers and is best known for. Plus, each week students will be treated to a BBQ and bonfire (with marshmallows provided)! Students will also have time each day to enjoy the lovely amenities of our campsite and participate in fun activities like swimming, sports and socializing.

Come and enjoy the summer fun!!!

Camp Learning Experiences


Computer Coding and Programming

Students will design an app, game or website using a popular computer language (such as Java, JavaScript or Python) or they will build and code a robot, computer or other A.I device. At the end of each week students will have completed a project, and each week’s projects and topics will differ so that students will constantly be learning new skill sets


English Language Learning

This program offers comprehensive English studies designed to develop and improve practical and academic English skills. Students will work on conversation, writing, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and fluency to improve practical & academic English skills.


ESL: S.T.E.M Fundamentals

To help support understanding of STEM fundamentals and improve English skills, students will read, listen to and discuss topics based on science, technology and current events. This ESL course is designed to help students gain a vocabulary and fluency in regards to technology and science and asks students to use the type of logical thinking, critical thinking and creative thinking necessary for entrepreneurship in this industry.


Extra-Curricular Activities

In the later part of the day, students will have some good old-fashioned summer fun! After classes end, students can enjoy our lovely California weather at our beautiful multi-acre camp grounds. Students can choose to play or just relax as there is much to do both indoors and outdoors at the site: Basketball, tennis, swimming, sun bathing, table-tennis, summer games, nature walks, and much more.



Fun Social Opportunities

Meet and get to know the American and local students who are also attending camp. There will be plenty of opportunities for socializing, hanging out and getting to know one another. Camp should be FUN! So, we have added lots of fun stuff to the schedule that local and international students can do together including fieldtrips, BBQ’s, bonfires, toasting marshmallows and all sorts of other activities.



Field Trips & Excursions

Mount Bell Academy’s Summer Program offers many learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom. Balancing classroom study with field trips is an important aspect of our Summer Program. Our students love discovering beautiful Northern California through activities around the Silicon Valley area and beyond. We are conveniently located near to the new state-of-the-art Apple Complex as well as other famous Bay Area businesses and landmarks. Some of the activities students might participate in include:

  • San Francisco City Tour
  • Golden Gate Bridge
  • Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
  • Stanford University
  • UC Berkeley
  • San Jose City Tour
  • The Tech Museum
  • Santa Clara University
  • Apple, Facebook, Google
  • The Exploratorium
  • Silicon Valley Tour
  • Amusement Parks
  • Intel Museum
  • Natural Bridges State Beach
  • Movies, Plays & Shopping
  • Palace of Fine Arts
  • Aquariums, Zoos, Nature Walks
  • California Academy of Sciences
  • Fisherman’s Wharf
  • Alcatraz

Tuition & Fees

$1250 per week covers tuition, room & board, books, class materials, fieldtrips and all meals.


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Our summer housing is situated in a gorgeous multi-acre camp site where students will enjoy the full amenities, including dorm-style rooms. There are basketball courts, tennis courts, a swimming pool and more! This area is surrounded by lush trees and forests and is a perfect place to enjoy some outdoor summer fun.

Who Should Attend this Program?

This program is open to all students ages 9 to 17 years old who are ready to spend at least one week away from home, who want to learn more about computer coding, and who want to improve their English skills.

This camp is also for students who are interested in their future, who realize that computer languages are the new international languages of the future, that these languages cross all barriers
and borders, and that learning to code and to program is the future.

If you desire to learn and improve upon your computer programming skills and wish to also experience America and beautiful California, all the while improving English skills, then this camp is a perfect fit!

We look forward to seeing you this summer!

We are excited to open our hearts and share with you beautiful California, the ultimate American Dream! Please come join us as we learn about each other’s culture and you learn English and Computer Programming too!