Mount Bell Academy takes a student-centered approach to education. We emphasize inquiry based learning and differentiated instruction that promotes creative and critical thinking. We encourage our teachers to incorporate hybridized teaching methods that balances the students’ needs with subject matter suitability whether it be through Socratic seminars, cooperative learning, experiential learning, project based learning, workshops, computer based learning or traditional lecture.

Because we limit our class size to no more than 8 students, teachers are able to tailor their teaching styles, methods and curriculum to student needs. In this manner, we are able to create a rigorous curriculum that is engaging and accessible to all our students.

Mount Bell Academy offers the traditional comprehensive sequence of courses in Mathematics, Science, English, Foreign Language, History, Art and Social Studies. We complement this with an array of elective courses, field trips and extra-curricular activities including sports, clubs, leadership and student government. Our goal is to expose students to a well-rounded education that empowers and prepares them for college admission and academic success while at the same time developing the moral and social integrity that makes for positive contributors and leaders of society.

Students can enroll full-time or part-time. We also offer dual enrollment programs (where students can take courses at colleges), independent study options, online learning, hybrid-homeschooling options and private lessons. Please contact us for more information or to set up a tour.