Dynasty Academy After-School program offers:
— Absolutely great rate.
— Free pickup for Faria and Laurelwood students.
— Fun group activities, hands-on science and art projects: (Science projects, chess, music, painting and drawing, drama, plays, speech and presentation skills, and martial arts)
— Credentialed staff with years of public school teaching experience.
— Individual academic attention and accommodation.




Our students have the opportunity to participate in recreational and competitive archery through our affiliate Joy Lee Archery Academy. JLAA was founded by USA Level 3 NTS certified archery coach, Joy Lee, who also happens to be married to the USA Archery Team National Head Coach, Kisik Lee (whose team won Silver at the 2016 Olympic games in Rio)!
JLAA has been leading the way in providing competitive Olympic style archery and has produced many youth state and national champions. JLAA’s archers can be found in the youth Team USA as well as the J.D.T. (Junior Dream Team) rosters.
JLAA’s ultimate goal is to produce not only State and National youth champions but also to mold, transform, and fill the lives of individual archers with the love and passion for the sport. All archers, from beginners to intermediates to elites, are welcome to join and experience archery!

To learn more please visit Joy Lee Archer Academy website or their blog at: