• Full- Time Enrollment  ( 4 or more courses ) $17,500.00
  • Part – Time Enrollment ( 2-3 courses ) $11,500
  • Single- Course Enrollment $3,850

Additional Fees

  • Textbooks $500.00
  • 9th-12th grade Spring Break Field Trip: $425.00
  • Parking permit $50.00 per vehicle
  • Art course fee: $100.00

Tuition Deposit & Enrollment Contract

  • For incoming students, a non-refundable tuition deposit of $1,000 is due with the enrollment contract.
  • For current students, a non-refundable tuition deposit of $1,000 is due with the re-enrollment contract by January 16.
  • The enrollment contract and tuition become binding on May 1.
  • After May 1, parents are obligated to pay the entire tuition, whether or not their child completes the school year.

Tuition Payment Plans

  • Single Payment Plan: Paid in full by July 31
  • Semi-Annual Plan (with additional finance charges): Please contact the Administration Office for details
  • Transfer Students: Tuition should be paid before the first day of classes.


  • Students who maintain a 4.0 (or all A’s) for an entire school year may be eligible for a 50% tuition reduction for the next school year.
  • Students with one B (the rest all A’s) may be eligible for a 25% tuition reduction for the following school year.
  • Please contact the school office if you think you qualify for a Merit Scholarship.

Financial Aid Information

While there is an expectation that all families will make some form of contribution, no family should assume that an MBA education is out of reach solely for financial reasons.  We strongly encourage you to contact MBA Admission office for information about our financial aid and scholarship programs. The financial aid guidelines established by the school take into consideration both financial hardship and student accomplishments in determining qualification for financial aid and in determining percentage of tuition reduction.

How to Apply for Financial Aid

Please submit the following documents to the Admissions Office for review:

  • A copy of the Parent’s Financial Statement(s)
  • A Current Copy of the family’s W-2 Form(s)
  • A cover letter that includes information about the student’s accomplishments and reason financial aid is needed.