Dearest students,


Principal Mara Leonard

The faculty and I would like to welcome you to an exciting year at Mount Bell Academy! We hope you had an exciting summer filled with great and memorable experiences, one in which you were able to play, relax, rejuvenate and spend time with family and friends. Now you are ready to learn!

We have amazing opportunities waiting for you. With our extremely small class sizes, a student to teacher ratio of less than 10:1, we are able to individually tailor your educational experience to your needs. We will accommodate and support various schedules and student needs. Whether you are a genius, are struggling in the over-crowded or traditional classroom, a homeschooler, you are part of the BYU on-line education program, you are taking courses through a college or university, or you participate in serious competitive sports or other extra-curricular activities, we can and will make sure you are able to fulfill your educational goals at Mount Bell Academy. Our experienced and dedicated teachers are eager to support you in reaching your full potential, so come on in!

Through unique opportunities, multi-media, hands-on learning, interdisciplinary projects, exciting extra-curricular activities, competitive sports, and a diverse and international community you will find yourself having an amazing and fulfilling year at Mount Bell. We are also excited to offer Mandarin and Spanish languages this year !

At Mount Bell Academy we emphasize community. You will be an integral part in forming this community. We will nurture you and you in turn will help grow the community surrounding you. We believe if you are a leader who cares about the community then the community will lift you up. This is how you reach the top of the mountain and ring the bell that all can hear .

We are excited to welcome you to Mount Bell Academy and begin this year together.

Your Principal, Mrs. Mara Leonard

Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.
Ryunosuke Satoro