Dearest students,


Principal Mara Leonard

Welcome back Students to another amazing year at Mount Bell Academy!

We begin this year after an incredible summer. Many of you had joined us for our summer camps and we are pleased to see your bright faces again. There will be a number of new faces on campus as well and we, the students and staff, want to welcome you to the family. We know you will thoroughly enjoy your time here at Mount Bell.

Though our student population will grow slightly in numbers, I want to assure you that we are committed to our vision of Mount Bell as a small, intimate learning environment. This year we are pleased to continue to offer you the inviting, family-like atmosphere and small class sizes that drew you to our school in the first place. Education here at Mount Bell will always remain rigorous, specially tailored and presented within that warm and friendly learning environment you all have grown to love. We will pledge to keep our courses at a maximum of 10 students! That means our classes will continue to be inspirational and engaging with the one-on-one attention and the hands on experiences you have been enjoying these past years. Your happiness and success have always been and will always be our priority!

In that vein, this year we are beginning a new tradition to help students succeed, gain leadership skills and forge strong friendships. By allocating a portion of the weekly schedule to student leadership activities, students will work together to create projects and pursue their interests. Leadership experience has been an increasingly important qualification for college acceptance and job placement. We believe in giving students these opportunities within the school hours instead of merely after school. In this way all students can benefit and be a participant. During these specially allotted hours, students will work on projects for student government, community service and special interest clubs.

We are also happy to continue our well received SAT/PSAT Test Prep and College Application Workshops as part of our full-time school program schedule. These workshops have been a huge success and received much accolade from our student body. Of course we had to include them in this year’s schedule! Plus, we will be adding new workshops to the list including Essay Writing and Public Speaking Workshops.

As well during this term we have an exciting week long Spring Trip planned for everyone. More details on that later!

There is much to look forward to this school year and I am excited to begin another new adventure with all of you. Welcome back and enjoy! And don’t forget to study.

Your Principal, Mrs. Mara Leonard

“Every day is a new beginning.”