Mount Bell Academy is located in the heart of Silicon Valley, less than a mile from the New Apple campus in Sunnyvale. We enjoy supporting local students from all over the Peninsula as well as independent home-school students and International students from overseas. As a co-ed college preparatory school servicing students in grades 8-12, we offer a progressive approach to traditional education. MBA provides for its students a unique balance of academics, athletics, and fine arts.

Mount Bell Academy offers a dynamic educational setting. Here students are immersed in an environment where trust and support are paramount. Because of this support, students see initiative, independence, cooperation and resourcefulness as the means to pursue self-discovery, develop leadership skills, claim a sense of self-worth and find their place in society.

Students build a strong sense of community within the classroom. At Mount Bell we limit class size to 8 students per teacher. This allows us the unique opportunity for cooperative and individualized learning. Our small class sizes are ideal for in-depth study as they limit distractions and allow for focus. Our classrooms are a safe place where students feel free to express themselves, be heard and are given opportunities to do more hands-on learning and innovative projects.

We personalize education and also make our classes accessible for independent learners and homeschoolers. Through online resources and BYU independent study, we support students with unique schedules or specific educational needs. We also offer competitive specialty sports such as archery, golf, tennis and swimming. We have unprecedented access to the top coaches and facilities in the area. We understand the tight and harried schedule students involved in competitive sports face and strive to do our utmost to help balance academic demands with student competition demands. You will find us extremely flexible and accommodating without sacrificing educational results. To facilitate student needs and schedules, Mount Bell offers a number of unique specialty services such as tutoring, after school programs and homestay.

We are student centered and take academic goals very seriously. 100 percent of our students are college bound. We offer weekly PSAT and SAT test prep courses and will provide onsite PSAT testing for student convenience. To ensure our students gain enrollment into sought after universities, we guide students through the entire college application process including writing effective essays for college admission, building stellar transcripts, completing the college application, and learning test taking strategies and skills.

The teachers and faculty of MBA are extremely experienced and highly qualified. Most importantly, they love teaching and care about the students. Though they may challenge their students academically, you will find them to be warm and encouraging in their approach.


At MBA we believe that education should be a partnership between the school and the family. We encourage parent involvement and open communication. We want our school to be a place where students feel safe, comfortable and welcome. It is in this type of environment that students are truly able to challenge themselves in a positive manner and shine.

With our diversity, intimate environment, specialized classes, and flexibility, we believe you and your child will find a place at Mount Bell Academy. We welcome you to join our family and experience the wonder of Mount Bell, where we encourage student curiosity, ambition, innovation and cooperation, where we provide the guidance and facility in which your child can pursue his or her dreams.